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Pharmaceutical description

Pharmaceutical is the Active pharmaceutical ingredients which is use in most of medicine additive.

HappyLife can offer Active pharmaceutical ingredients which based on nature herb plants extract powder , it not only used in functional food, but also used in medicine.

HappyLife pick out of high concentration ingredients as Pharmaceutical additive use ,such as Astragaloside IV & Cycloastragenol. Usually it be use for anti-cancer medically.Levodopa can offer the content from 10%-98%.Andrographolide also can offer the content from 10%-98% .for the different demand, we can also adjust for low concentration.we can offer customized ingredients.

In China Food and Drug Administration has catalogue for the Chinese medicine homologous food.HappyLife only offer health and safety ingredients to service the society to make the world happy.


Item Product Name Specification Details Inquiry
API029 Sulforaphane 1%-10%
API030 Astragaloside IV 5%-98%
API031 Cycloastragenol 98%
API032 Huperzine A 95%
API033 Genipin 98%
API034 Quercetin 98%
EP043 Cyanotis Arachnoidea Extract Ecdysterone 98%
API035 Levodopa 98%
API036 Fisetin 98%
API037 (Berberine HCL)Berberine Hydrochloride 97%
API039 Andrographolide 5%-98%
API038 (−)-Ambroxide 98%
API040 β-Carotene 1%-20%
EP044 Thunder god vine extract Celastrol 98% Tripterine98%
API043 Genistein Genistein 98%