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Cosmeceutical description

Cosmeceutical is the functional cosmetic ingredients powder or liquid which use for cosmetic product use. It can be use for face cream, toner ,eye cream,sunscreen ,mask etc.some company also use different ingredients make the beauty snacks,it has the function for skin whiting, lose weight ,skin brightening,enrich VC, enrich moisture etc,

For the different skin type need , HappyLife can offer related ingredients,like shin whiting Arbutin,Glutathione,Glabridin,for skin repair and moisture,HappyLife can offer Ectoin,Hyaluronic Acid,Aloe extract,for skin acne, we can also offer Salicylic Acid.

We have strong research team for skin health, after two years research ,we have produce L-Ergothioneine, it has more effective function and competitive price in the market.

HappyLife also develop herb cosmetic ingredients, Gotu Kola Extract has full specification and can match with different dosage.

HappyLife can make customized for customer use.

With more than 2 thousands of China traditional herb background,HappyLife still on the way to develop the more natural health and useful functional cosmetic ingredients.


Item Product Name Specification Details Inquiry
EP036 Gotu kola extract Asiaticoside,Madecassoside,Asiatic acid
API001 Ectoin ≥95.0%
API002 L-Ergothioneine 98%
API003 α-Arbutin 98%
API004 Hyaluronic acid 99%
API005 Glutathione 98%
API006 Tranexamic acid 98%
API007 Salicylic acid BP/USP
API008 Kojic Acid powder 95%
API009 Glabridin 5%-98%
API010 Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate 75%
API011 Astaxanthin 1% -5%
API012 Lycopene 1% -10%
API013 Matrine 98%
EP042 Aloe extract 100:1,200:1
FP011 Arabic gum Powder A/B/C