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Fruit & Vegetable Powder
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Fruit and vegetable powder description

Fruit and vegetable powder is the juice, pulp and fruit of fruits and vegetables prepared into powder or crushed grains after dehydration. It retains all or part of the taste, fiber, color, nutrition and other ingredients of fruits and vegetables, and becomes a healthy ingredient for the production of taste and flavor of food or drink. Used for functional solid drinks, pressed candy, flavorings, meal replacement powder, etc. Fruit and vegetable powder should be used as natural raw materials in season. The product is stable, healthy and safe, and it is a natural ingredient. We provide a full range of conventional fruit and vegetable powder, and can also provide customized production, according to the customer's color, proportion, taste requirements of production and processing. In 2022, we customized and produced more than 50 tons of citric acid powder, banana powder, orange powder, watermelon powder and other products to Meisai customers, which received excellent feedback from customers.

Our recommended products are: blueberry powder, cranberry powder, watermelon powder, banana powder, cherry powder, black currant powder, pineapple powder, etc.

Fruit & Vegetable Powder

Item Product Name Specification Details Inquiry
FV001 Avocado Fruit Powder 80 Mesh
FV002 Apple powder 80 Mesh
FV003 Blueberry fruit powder 80 Mesh
FV004 Banana fruit powder 80 Mesh
FV005 Goji Berry Powder 80 Mesh
FV023 Mango Fruit Powder 80 Mesh
FV007 Black Goji Berry Powder 80 Mesh
FV008 Orange Fruit Powder 80 Mesh
FV009 Cherry Fruit Powder 80 Mesh
FV010 Cranberry powder 80 Mesh
FV011 Dragon Fruit Powder 80 Mesh
FV012 Grape Fruit Powder 80 Mesh
FV013 Strawberry powder 80 Mesh
FV014 Raspberry Powder 80 Mesh
FV015 Blackberry powder 80 Mesh
FV016 Mulberry Powder 80 Mesh
FV017 Blackcurrant powder 80 Mesh
FV018 Yellow peach powder 80 Mesh
FV019 Pear powder 80 Mesh
FV020 Fig powder 80 Mesh