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Raspberry Powder
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Raspberry Powder

  • FV014

  • Rubus idaeus L.

  • 80 Mesh

  • Fruit

  • Purple red powder


Freeze dried raspberry powder Overview

Raspberry powder is derived from the fruit of Rubus idaeus L., a woody plant belonging to the genus Rubus in the rose family, and processed by spray drying technology. Keep the original flavor of raspberry itself, powder, good fluidity, good taste, easy to dissolve, easy to save.

Raspberries Powder contain significant amounts of polyphenol antioxidants such as anthocyanin pigments linked to potential health protection against several human diseases. The aggregate fruit structure contributes to its nutritional value, as it increases the proportion of dietary fiber, placing it among plant foods with the highest fiber contents known, up to 20% fiber per total weight. Raspberries are a rich source of vitamin C, with 30 mg per serving of 1 cup (about 50% daily value), manganese (about 60% daily value) and dietary fiber (30% daily value). Contents of B vitamins 1-3, folic acid, magnesium, copper and iron are considerable in raspberries. Raspberries rank near the top of all fruits for antioxidant strength, particularly due to their dense contents of ellagic acid (from ellagotannins), quercetin, gallic acid, anthocyanins, cyanidins, pelargonidins, catechins, kaempferol and salicylic acid. Yellow raspberries and others with pale-colored fruits are lower in anthocyanins.

Raspberry Powder

Freeze dried raspberry powder Application

Health nutrition, BABY FOOD, solid beverage, dairy products, convenience food, puffed food, condiments, food for the middle-aged and elderly, baked food, snack food, cold food and cold drink, etc.