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Strawberry powder
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Strawberry powder

  • FV013

  • Fragaria ananassa Duch.

  • 80 Mesh

  • Fruit

  • Pink powder


FD  Strawberry powder Overview

Strawberry powder is made from high-quality fresh strawberries and processed through a spray drying process.

It not only retains the original flavor of strawberry to the utmost extent, but also has no fragrance, pigment and various additives, and it is water-soluble. Green, natural, nutritious and safe.

strawberry powder

FD  Strawberry powder Application

Food addition,pure natural nutritional enhancer and natural pigment additives.

Beverage processing, various strawberry flavor drinks, ice cream.

Cosmetics manufacturing, strawberry Moisturizing essence, strawberry mask, etc.

Manufacture of medicines and health products, auxiliary medicines for many diseases.