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Arabic gum Powder
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Arabic gum Powder

  • FP011

  • A/B/C

  • gum

  • Pale white to yellowish brown Powder


Arabic Gum Powder Overview

Derived from a natural gum, acacia senegal and acacia seyal, African legumes, it is light white to yellowish-brown translucent mass, or white to orange-brown granular or powder. Odorless, tasteless. In water can be gradually dissolved into acidic viscous liquid, solubility of about 50%(W/V), insoluble in ethanol. Form a stable agglutinate layer with gelatin or albumin. Free Arabic acid is obtained by precipitating it with acidic alcohol.

Arabic gum Powder ABC

Arabic Gum Powder Application

Arabic Gum Powder is mainly used as thickener, stabilizer, emulsifier, coating agent glaze. This product is widely used in beverage production, such as the production of soft drinks, juice concentrate flavor and essential oils which can be stabilized. It is also used in candy making, like traditional hard (liquor) chicle, soft candy, cotton candy. It could also be used as foam stabilizer.

1. Acacia gum has good emulsifying properties, especially suitable for oil-in-water emulsion system, widely used as emulsion stabilizer in emulsion essence;

2. It also has good film-forming properties; as a microcapsule film-forming agent for converting essential oils or other liquid raw materials into powder form, it can prolong flavor quality and prevent oxidation, and is also used as a flavor carrier for baked products.

3, gum arabic can hinder the formation of sugar crystals, used as anti-crystallization agent in candy, prevent crystal precipitation, can also effectively emulsified milk fat in milk sugar to avoid spillage;

4, gum arabic is also used to glaze on the surface of chocolate, so that chocolate is only soluble in the mouth, insoluble in hands;

5. Acacia gum is used in emulsified beverages such as cola to emulsify and disperse essential oils and oil-soluble pigments to avoid the pigmentation of bottlenecks where essential oils and pigments float during storage;

6. Acacia gum is also used as a haze agent for beverages with vegetable oils and resins to increase the diversity of the appearance of the beverage.

Arabic gum Powder A

Arabic Gum Powder COA

Test Item




White to brown yellow



Granular or powder


Loss on dry ,w/%




1g gum arabic sample can be dissolved in 2ml water; can not be dissolved in ethanol


optical rotation

Rotation of solution sourced from Acacia Senegal is left while solution sourced from Acacia Seyal is right.


Viscosity(dry basis),mpa.s(25% solution 25℃)≥






Acid-insoluble ash, w/%



insolubles in acid,w/%



Pb /(mg/kg)



E.coli (MPN/g)