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Honeydew powder
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Honeydew powder

  • FV006

  • Cucumis melo var. saccharinus

  • 80 Mesh

  • Endocarp

  • Light yellow powder


Freeze dreid honeydew powder Overview

Honeydew powder is made from mature and intact cantaloupe by spray drying.

Honeydew powder is not only delicious, but also nutritious. The dry matter of cantaloupe contains 4.6%-15.8% sugar, 2.6%-6.7% cellulose, malic acid, pectin, vitamins A, B, C, niacin and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other elements. It contains two to three times more iron than chicken and 17 times more iron than milk.

Honeydew powder 1

Freeze dreid honeydew powder Application

Health nutrition, BABY FOOD, solid beverage, dairy products, convenience food, puffed food, condiments, food for the middle-aged and elderly, baked food, snack food, cold food and cold drink, etc.